Quentin Tarantino has been piling the names of huge mega-stars onto his forthcoming film in his ‘60s-set thriller Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but the role of mass murderer Charles Manson has remained tantalisingly vacant.

The acclaimed director’s latest film concerns the characters of out-of-luck actor Rick Dalton (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) and their lives in the film industry in 1969, set in the context of the real-life Manson family murders that took place in California around the same time. Sharon Tate, one of the victims of the mass killer and his followers, was their next door neighbour in Los Angeles.

Tarantino has been casting several notable names as members of Manson's cult, tapping ‘Arrow’'s Austin Butler as enforcer Charles 'Tex' Watson, Dakota Fanning as Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme and Lena Dunham as Catherine 'Gypsy' Share.

Damon HerrimanDamon Herriman will portray the notorious Charles Manson

Finally, The Wrap has suggested that the role of Manson himself is about to be filled, with Australian actor Damon Herriman, a star of ‘Justified’ and latterly ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Scorpion’, flagged up as the name Tarantino has in mind.

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Steve Railsback played the cult leader in the televised miniseries ‘Helter Skelter’, and in recent years, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Gethin Anthony portrayed him in TV's ‘Aquarius’, and Matt Smith has the role in the upcoming film Charlie Says.

Tarantino’s ninth feature film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is set for release in British and American cinemas on July 26th, 2019 – just a few days before the 50th anniversary of the Tate murders.

Until now, it has cast other huge names such as Margot Robbie, Burt Reynolds, Damian Lewis, Luke Perry, Emile Hirsch and Hollywood icon Al Pacino.

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