Damon Lindelof's television work is without a doubt some of the most popular we've seen in the past few years. Having created the likes of 'Lost' and 'The Leftovers', he's clearly somebody who enjoys tackling shows with a wider sense of mystery, and that's something that looks set to continue in the future, with the producer stepping in to work on HBO's planned 'Watchmen' TV series.

Damon Lindelof is extremely passionate about HBO's planned 'Watchmen' TV seriesDamon Lindelof is extremely passionate about HBO's planned 'Watchmen' TV series

Whilst the Alan Moore graphic novel has been adapted in the past, the show will be an entirely fresh take on the story, with Lindelof working alongside television network HBO to bring it to life. Just a few months back, HBO ordered a pilot episode of the show, and with Lindelof's clear passion for the world of superheroes and this book in particular, he could be the perfect man for the job.

Lindelof may be a fan of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe is bringing to lovers of the superhero genre in cinema, but he does think we need more shows like 'Watchmen' if we're to bring a sense of realism to that world.

Speaking during a live event for Vulture, Lindelof explained: "'Watchmen' – it was dangerous. And you can’t be dangerous for dangerous’ sake, but the reason that I’m doing this is these are dangerous times, and we need dangerous shows... What we think about superheroes is wrong. I love the Marvel movies and we saw 'Justice League' this morning and I’m all for Wonder Woman and Batman and I grew up on these characters, but we should not trust people who put on masks and say that they are looking out for us. If you hide your face, you are up to no good."

He later added of his overriding motivation in joining the project: "For a superhero junkie, I've never done a superhero movie or a superhero TV show, and now is the time."

The majority of fans speaking out about Lindelof's attachment to the series are happy with his position on the show, so it's going to be very interesting to see just how well everything comes together in the coming months. Hopefully, we'll get a premiere date sooner rather than later, so we can all enjoy Moore's story on yet another platform, all over again.

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We'll bring you more news on the planned 'Watchmen' television series as and when we get it.