Damon Lindelof is to many one of those responsible for bringing critically-acclaimed ABC series 'Lost' to the small screen, baffling minds across the globe with its incredibly complicated storytelling. Some would argue that the series never gave enough pay off to its fans in the form of a solid ending, while others interpreted it as exactly what was needed to say goodbye to the island and all of the fan-favourite characters that had been forced to reside there.

Damon Lindelof would love to see 'Lost' returnDamon Lindelof would love to see 'Lost' return

Now with almost seven years since the series finale, many wonder why the show hasn't yet been given a reboot, with other huge successes such as 'Prison Break' and '24' making their way back to television for a revival. That's also something Lindelof has been thinking about, and whilst it's something he would like to see, he wouldn't want to be involved in the inevitable comeback.

Speaking with TVLine, the co-creator admitted: "I’ve thought about it a lot. [I] hope that when that happens, whoever is doing it, doesn’t take the characters from the original 'Lost' and put them in the new one. Because we worked so hard to end that show and to give [the survivors] some level of closure. I know there was some debate as to whether or not there was enough closure..."

He later added: "It would be really exciting if there’s another incarnation of 'Lost', I just won’t have any association with it. Not because I’m too good for it. I just feel like, again, we worked so hard to end our story, that to come back and say, ‘Well, that wasn’t the real ending,’ would be frustrating."

It's true that those involved in the original show saw their vision through from beginning to end, so to see somebody else come in and tarnish that would definitely be a slap in the face not only to them, but to the fans who invested so much time in the original episodes.

That's not to say a 'Lost' revival wouldn't work however. Bringing a whole new bunch of characters to the island that could stand on their own two feet and tell their own, unique stories would certainly be something to behold. It would also allow whoever was in charge behind-the-scenes to answer some of the questions that were left lingering in the original series - if the original writers were on board with the direction they wanted to go in, of course.

Whatever the case may be, it's highly possible that we haven't seen the last of 'Lost', and that's a very exciting prospect for fans indeed.

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We'll bring you any news of a 'Lost' revival as and when we get it.