Damon Wayans Jr. will feature in the rest of the 3rd season of Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl'.

According to E!News, Fox announced that they have signed the actor for the remainder of the season as a "special guest star".

Wayans appeared on the very first pilot of 'New Girl' as the third roommate but unexpectedly had to leave because ABC surprisingly renewed another season of 'Happy Endings'.

Wayans was replaced by Lamorne Morris, who plays 'Winston'.

After 'Happy Endings' was cancelled earlier this year, the 30 year-old found himself available and signed on to reprise his role as 'Coach' for four episodes.

However that all changed today as he has agreed to feature in the hit comedy for the reminder of season 3.

Wayans first appeared this season on the episode 'Coach', which saw his character move in 'Schmidt's' vacant room and it was quickly clear why 'The Other Guys' actor was a perfect fit for the show.

E!News caught up with Wayans on the set of 'new Girl' and asked him how 'Coach's' return as been;

"Coach has been gone long enough to where things have changed substantially within the loft and so he's kind of adapting to the new way it is, Nick and Jess are a couple, that's different. Schmidt isn't even living here anymore, that's different. Winston moved in, that's different. So he's trying to make it like old times but it has moved on, so he has to adapt."

The addition of Wayans will please all 'New Girl' fans as the show will become even more hilarious.

'New Girl' airs Tuesdays on Fox at 9pm.

New Girl
Wayans returns to 'New Girl' as 'Coach' for season 3