American actor Damon Wayans believes in a strictly disciplined family - and blames slack parenting for the COLUMBINE school shooting tragedy.

The MY WIFE AND KIDS star - who has four children with LISA THORNER, who he separated from four years ago (00) - had a tough upbringing himself, and believes the secret to a harmonious society rests with such discipline.

He says, "When I was bad as a kid and I did stuff and got arrested, I'd tell the police not to call my father, I'd rather spend a night in jail than face my father, I think that kind of fear and respect for your parents is good.

"My eldest son DAMON Jr is now 21 and I can still make him cry like a baby just by talking to him, it comes down to how I first disciplined him.

"I think parents today have been persuaded by this politically correct way of raising your children, and you know what?

"If they'd kicked some ass instead, things like the Columbine shootings would never have happened.

"When I was growing up I would've been to scared to bring a Playboy magazine into the house, let alone a gun."

30/04/2004 17:17