Actress Dana Delany's plane was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday (03Mar13) after passengers complained about a mysterious odour.

The former Desperate Housewives star was flying from New York to Los Angeles on United Airlines Flight 132 on Sunday night when the plane was diverted to Cleveland, Ohio, so maintenance workers could investigate the unexplained smell.

Officials checked the aircraft, but did not find anything, and Delany, who spent the night at a hotel, jokes maybe the incident was a sign from above she should guest star on Betty White's Tv comedy Hot in Cleveland, which is set in the city.

In a series of posts on, she wrote, "Emergency landing on @United in Cleveland. Who's couch can I crash on?!?

Maybe being stranded in Cleveland is a sign that I should be on @hotnclevelandtv. @ bettymwhite where are you?"

And on Monday morning (04Mar13) Delany thanked locals for their hospitality as she continued on with her trip, tweeting, "Thank you Cleveland! You were extremely kind to some wayward travelers."

The actress wasn't the only star to have a terrifying plane journey this month (Mar13) - illusionist David Copperfield was aboard a flight bound for the Big Apple on Monday (04Mar13) when it made an emergency landing.