Last night on Dancing With The Stars, country singer Kelly Pickler and her professional partner Derek Hough were crowned as the winners of the show’s twelfth season. The finale was a tense one, after the show’s previous episode left Pickler and fellow contestant Zendaya Coleman as the last two standing. Clearly, the audience fell in love with Kelly and Derek’s last dance, performed, in a sentimental twist, to a song written by Pickler’s husband especially for the occasion. In the end, the duo took home the coveted, if a bit tacky, mirror ball trophy.

"It's not about me winning. It's about Kellie," Hough told E!News after the finale. "It's about our celebrities because this is their first and their only time on the show. I am overjoyed and so happy that Kellie got to experience this. It's amazing. And it was such a hard season and everyone was so fantastic.”

Kelly was also overjoyed after the victory, when she realised they had won that is, because initially she couldn’t hear the winners’ names being called out; so Derek had to tell her. “Derek has taught me so much and he's just such an amazing person and I'm so glad that I got to meet him," Pickler says. "I have a big brother in him. We've had so much fun. Win or lose, it's been amazing."

It certainly has been an emotional season, and some of the most intense moments were revisited during the finale, as each celebrity, featured in the season returned to perform one more time.

Kellie Pickler, Derek Hough, Maxim Hot 100 Party
Kellie and Derek attend the Maxim Hot 100 party.