Ahead of the release of his highly acclaimed new psychological horror movie A Cure For Wellness later this month, actor Dane DeHaan spoke about the “wild, crazy” experience of filming the project in a castle in southern Germany.

A Cure For Wellness, which got a great reception when it was unveiled at Austin back in December, sees DeHaan, an employee sent to rescue his boss from a mysterious wellness centre in the Swiss Alps, suffer from strange symptoms as he investigates the truth.

“Every day was really crazy and terrifying, and oftentimes tortuous!” he said about the physical demands of his role. “I undergo a lot of crazy spa treatments, I spend a lot time in a cast… it was a wild, crazy adventure, just like the film.”

Dane DeHaanDane DeHaan at a photocall for 'A Cure For Wellness' in January 2017

The film seems to reflect a great deal of modern society’s obsession over both health and wealth. Asked about this, the 30 year old actor says: “I think it asks a lot of questions – if there’s a ‘cure for wellness’, then there’s a sickness. I think Lockhart [DeHaan’s character] exhibits that, he has those symptoms. He works tirelessly, but only for his own personal gain, his wealth and power… what good is that really doing to him, or to society? The answer is probably: no good, at all!”

Asked about the locations for the movie, which was praised for its cinematic beauty, DeHaan said: “We shot all around Germany, we shot in the Swiss Alps for a week. We then shot at this German castle, called Hohenzollern Castle, which is the exterior of the spa in the movie… it was cool to travel around and see a lot of Germany.”

Finally – without giving too much of the movie away – DeHaan was asked whether he looks at water the same way he used to after finishing filming… “Well, I certainly don’t look at spas the same way! On the way here I saw an advertisement for one – it wanted to come off as serene and wonderful – but because of doing this movie it looked creepy to me!”

A Cure For Wellness, which also stars Mia Goth and Jason Isaacs, is released in the United States on February 17th.

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