Actor Dane DeHaan has hired Andrew Garfield's trainer to help him pack on the pounds for his highly-anticipated turn as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The slim Lawless actor is set to play the masked superhero's friend-turned-foe in the upcoming reboot, and in a bid to bulk up his frame, producers have placed him on a special diet.

He tells the New York Magazine, "It's about having the stamina and the strength to do a movie like that. It's the longest shoot I'll be doing, and I just want to be ready to do it. I eat every two hours. It's a lot of protein and vegetables, very little carbs, no sugar. And as long as I keep food in my body, for my body to burn, that's the goal, because I'm naturally a very thin person, and I naturally have very little fat on my body, and if I'm not constantly eating, my body wants to keep the little bit of fat on my body and it'll start burning the muscle.

"Andrew and I have a person who makes all of our food for us, and that's what we eat. I'm on the exact same diet and regimen that he is. And now it's also the Harry Osborn diet. We could do a diet book together."

And his wife Anna Wood is loving her husband's new look: "I just look a lot better naked... I started out at 135, and I'm 145 right now, and that's the most I've ever weighed."