Daniel Bryan's admission to Brie Bella that he wanted a simpler life really ''hit her hard''.

The professional wrestler opened up about his mental health and his wife Brie, also a wrestler, admitted she was devastated that she hadn't been ''listening'' to him and his vulnerabilities.

She said on Total Bellas: ''I realised I just haven't been listening to him. Bryan, right now, is very vulnerable. And to hear him just be like, 'Brie, all I want is a simpler life.' It really hits me hard.

''As Bryan's wife, I have seen him, for a long time, battle depression. And it comes and goes. I will admit, it's very scary and I've never experienced something like this. But to see darkness come out of Bryan - to use all those elements to help bring that out - I feel like will only make Bryan better and make him happier, but that will also play into our marriage.''

And Daniel is hopeful their frank discussions can also ''heal their relationship'' and make them even stronger.

He admitted in a confessional: ''When you're in a relationship together and one person wants to go this way, and the other person wants to go that way, then there becomes conflict in this chasm between the two paths ... Maybe in doing some of these things the same way they can heal my depression, what I'm really hoping for, is maybe they can also heal a relationship.''

Meanwhile, Daniel previously admitted he is unsure whether his marriage with Brie is ''sustainable''.

He said in a confessional: ''I often wonder if this kind of relationship is sustainable at all. There's so much missing, I think, in each of our emotional lives.

''We need to get back on the same page. Honestly, we're just trying to survive. That's what it feels like.''