Daniel Craig isn't convinced Kristen Stewart would make a good Bond girl.

The 'Skyfall' actor - who has played James Bond three times since taking on the role in 2006 and just signed up to do two more of the British spy movies - dismissed the 22-year-old's ambitions to star in the franchise but later admitted he was only being ''nasty'' because their new films are currently in direct competition at the box office.

Asked if he thought the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' actress would be the right fit for a Bond movie, the 44-year-old star said: ''Would she make a good Bond girl? No, she's in 'Twilight'.''

He quickly backtracked and explained to 'The Kyle and Jackie O Show' in Australia: ''No, I'm being nasty. It's only because the film ('Skyfall') is coming out at the same time (as 'Breaking Day - Part 2'), we're in direct competition. I'm sure she'd make a great Bond girl.''

Kristen previously admitted she is interested in reading a Bond script.

She said: ''I would love to read a few graphs of the script. I choose my roles really instinctually. I would really have to connect with the material.''

She later added: ''As long as I get to have a gun. Yes, hell yeah!''

Meanwhile Daniel has just been named the highest paid 007 of all time.

The actor - who is married to British actress Rachel Weisz - will earn £31 million to portray the suave secret agent in two more movies, dwarfing the pay cheques received by his predecessors.