The British star suffered a knee sprain while shooting a fight sequence in Austria in February (15) and he took a few days off before continuing with the action-packed shooting schedule.

He subsequently underwent minor surgery and had several weeks off to recover during a planned break in production.

Daniel has now revealed he needs to have more work done on his leg before he starts rehearsals for an off-Broadway stage version of William Shakespeare's Othello towards the end of next year (16).

"I've got to have a bit of knee surgery to get myself fixed up after this film but I'll be ready to go by next year," he tells U.K. TV show Good Morning Britain.

When asked if he sustained the injury while fighting wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista on the set of Spectre, Daniel replies, "It might have been. I might have hit Dave Bautista but he got me back... When you're doing physical stuff accidents happen, thankfully they're rare, but they do happen."

Dave had previously told how Daniel punched him in the nose during a fast-paced fistfight.

"There were lots of bumps and bruises," Dave revealed. "Dan punched me in the nose."

He also declared that appearing in a Bond film "feels like you're in a dream" and that 007 is "like the ultimate superhero, but real".

Those weren't the only injuries on the Spectre set - Daniel also suffered a nasty bump on the head while filming a car chase scene in Rome, Italy, and assistant director Terry Madden received multiple leg fractures when a runaway camera truck crashed into a barn.