Members of the crew working on the new James Bond movie Spectre triggered an international air alert after going on a drunken rampage during a flight to Mexico, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Daniel CraigDaniel Craig stars in Sam Mendes' second Bond movie, Spectre

Around 150 of the Spectre team, including stunt men, camera crew and other technical staff, boarded the Airbus A330 travelling from Stansted to Mexico City to shoot an opening scene at the annual Day of the Dead festival. 

However, the US Federal Aviation Administration is investgating claims that some passengers vomited and urinated down aisles, smoked cigarettes and abused crew members. 

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A source told the Mail on Sunday: "The behaviour of a handful of crew members got out of hand and made things very unpleasant for their fellow passengers. [Bond production company] Eon has apologised to all the crew members who had to endure this intolerable behaviour."

An Eon spokesperson said: "We are investigating the matter so cannot comment further at this time."

Bond producer Michael G Wilson had previously described the Day of the Dead scene as "the biggest opening sequence we've ever done," telling Empire magazine, "The whole vision that Sam Mendes has come up with is very exciting and amazing. We've got 1500 extras in Day Of The Dead costumes and make up and we've occupied the centre of Mexico City for days. The only thing that's come close to it was putting on the carnival in Rio in Moonraker, and I think this is a much bigger operation."

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According to the Mail, the Airbus A330 had to be professionally claimed after the journey, at a cost of more than £1000. None of the cast-members of the movie, which stars Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz and Ralph Fiennes, were believed to have been on board.