James Bond may have survived 23 films to date though in a new report, a panel of medical professionals concluded that he would have been dead after seven minutes of Skyfall. In Sam Mendes's movie, Daniel Craig is shot with a uranium shell normally used to destroy tanks.

James BondDaniel Craig is playing James Bond in Spectre

It "would have turned his lungs inside out and killed him," say the medics. And even if he had have somehow survived the uranium shell fragments "would greatly increase his cancer risk."

Later in the movie, Bond removes a bullet from his shoulder, which the medics say "Risks blood loss, lack of consciousness, nerve and muscle damage and the infection risk is huge."

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Oh, and remember in that scene at the end where Bond wrestles one of Javier Bardem's henchman in an icy Scottish loch? Well, the chances of him getting out of there - which he did - would be pretty low.

"Fighting means he would use oxygen quickly, so it's improbable he'd get out in time. Hypothermia would set in very quickly and he'd struggle to move."

Elsewhere in the study, the doctors found that Bruce Willis's Die Hard character John McClane would have been a gonner within the first film while in John Hughes' Home Alone, the "sticky bandits" Harry and Marv would have met their end game. And so would Kevin.

Craig is currently shooting the forthcoming Spectre and it seems he's been running to a few real life difficulties. Producers say he underwent a "minor procedure" during the Easter production break.

The former Bond actor Roger Moore tweeted: ""Sorry to hear Daniel Craig has sprained his knee on set #Spectre. Being 007 is not without its hazards. I'm available to step in if needed."

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