Daniel Craig probably has a couple more James Bond movies left in him (he's likely to sign on for plenty more after the inevitably box office success of Skyfall) though he's been speaking about who may win the eventual race to be his successor.

So who does the blue-eyed British star tip for the role? Bookies favourite Sam Worthington? Londoner Tom Hardy? Michael Fassbender? Well, not exactly. Craig thinks Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard would be the perfect replacement. Speaking to the official Liverpool FC website, the actor said, "Who would I rather be, captain of Liverpool or Bond? Well I don't think I could keep up any more so Bond will do but Steven Gerrard would make a good Bond. He is a good leader so you know what, seriously, who knows?" We're giving this idea the double thumbs up, if only to have a Liverpudlian James Bond. Bookmakers are yet to respond to Craig's remarks in their 'Next Bond' markets, though they're already offering a whole host of bizarre names, including Simon Cowell at 100/1. Tom Cruise at 50/1 is equally hilarious.

So there you have it. Steven Gerrard as the next Bond. Perhaps sir Paul McCartney could play 'Q' and Cilia Black as Moneypenny?