The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano appears to have given the latest James Bond movie Skyfall its seal of approval. Despite 007's womanising and murderous lifestyle, the newspaper dedicated no less than five articles to Sam Mendes' box office smash.

According to The Independent, the newspaper even featured an interview with Daniel Craig in which it said the film contained everything you could possibly want from a Bond film, including, "adrenalin-pumped action to exotic locations, beautiful Bond girls, and the inevitable vodka Martini - shaken, not stirred." Another article compared the merits of previous James Bond actors, while another discussed the various soundtracks. L'Osservatore Romano was founded in 1861 as the mouthpiece of the Vatican. Up until five years ago, it would typically publish theological pieces and information about the Pope's various engagements. However, in recent years the broadsheet has established a more populist slant, covering films and television. 

Skyfall has received unanimously positive reviews from critics, with most declaring Daniel Craig amongst the best ever Bonds. He will star in two further movies before handing the reins over to another actor.