Actor Daniel Dae Kim is planning to remake popular South Korean medical drama Good Doctor for U.S. audiences.

The Hawaii Five-O star, who launched his own production firm 3Ad last year (13), is drawing inspiration for his new Tv venture from his native country and he has already won the support of the show's Tv bosses in South Korea.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "There's something that Korean Tv does that no other country does - the way they portray heartbreak and melodrama.

"In America there are more serialised dramas and there can be room for something inspired by Korean Tv, because I believe good content can transcend cultural barriers."

He believes his ethnic background will also prove useful as he adapts Good Doctor, about a celebrated paediatric surgeon who struggles with a mental disability, for western Tv, adding, "I can understand the Korean dialogue, the cultural nuances of what the show is trying to portray. I think I have a fairly good sense of what will translate and what won't."

Good Doctor isn't the only project Kim is working on - he is also keen to turn the memoir of North Korea specialist Mike Kim, Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World's Most Repressive Country, into a movie.

The film will document Kim's efforts to help refugees.

He says, "It's really beautiful and relevant story, one I think the world should know."