Daniel Day-Lewis is ''outrageously'' funny.

His 'Lincoln' co-star Sally Fields has called him a ''rascal'' who has been a bad influence when the pair have been together at award ceremonies.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's You magazine: ''Daniel is an absolutely hysterically funny rascal. He always wants to do something funny and I'm always going, 'Daniel, we can't do that!' ''He's completely outrageous. We were together at the Screen Actors Guild Awards presenting on stage together and he's like, 'OK let's do something stupid.'

''I'm going, 'No I'm trying to be dignified'.''

Despite the 66-year-old actress' best interests, she had to give in to a side to Daniel often overlooked because of his well-documented method acting.

She added: ''We came out on the stage, I had to read something but I couldn't see the monitor so I brought out my piece of paper to read from and he took my glasses so I couldn't see, so then I had to take his glasses off too.

''We were laughing hysterically and being completely silly.''

Sally joked it is ''disgusting'' for the actor to manage to be so ''phenomenal'' in both his personal and professional lives.

She admitted: ''Daniel is a most marvellous, enchanting, intelligent, funny man. He's also a phenomenal father and as good as man as he is an actor.

''So there you have it. It's disgusting, actually! He has it all.''