Well, well, well, if it isn't multiple Oscar best actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis getting up to ... whatever it is he does when he isn't putting in seminal acting performances on the silver screen. It seems that the Lincoln actor enjoys nothing more than a good afternoon on his down time - well he is 56 now after all - however this is no ordinary ride around country lanes, readers, this is the 2013 Mille Miglia Road Race.

Daniel Day Lewis
DDL preparing for the Italian road race

'What in chuff's name is that?' We hear you cry. Well, cry no longer: the Mille Miglia road race is a vintage car race that starts right up in the northern Italian town of Brescia and tours the bulk of the country, the circular route going as far south as the country's capital of Rome. 

Daniel Day Lewis
Day-Lewis was understandably one of the more higher profile entrants

The proud race has been going since 1927, at a time when owning a car in the first place was considered a luxury still in Italy. No surprise then that the race has something of an aristocratic trait to it, and no surprise that the vintage cars that are driven around the 1000 mile road race are nothing short of dazzling. 

Daniel Day Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis had some nice wheels for the journey

Entrants have three days to get round the course, and as you can see from the above picture Day-Lewis is clearly taking it seriously. Check out that car too - a 1953 Jaguar XK 120. Lovely stuff.

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