With one of the world most sough-after actors in the lead role and one of Hollywood's all-time great directors at the helm, you'd doubt that Lincoln would need much more help in pushing for a larger audience. However a recently uploaded video featuring British politician Lord Mandelson promoting the film is aiming to do just that, and as you'd expect, the video is pretty damn strange.

The Oscar-nominated biopic about 19th-century Republican President, Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis), might have all the Oscar nominations it could possibly want, but that doesn't mean it has the audience pull that the studio behind the film desire and as such, Lord Mandelson's endorsement might be just what 20th Century Fox need to kick start the audience influx in Europe. In the video, the former Labour MP, nicknamed The Prince of Darkness, pays tribute to  Lincoln's "pragmatism," comparing one of America's greatest presidents to himself and his efforts towards making Labour electable in the mid-1990s. Something tells us this isn't going to work at all.

In the snippet, the former EU Commissioner says: "When I look back at Lincoln's presidency and what he had to struggle through, I see a man who had a great sense of conviction, of moral certitude, [a sense] that he was right  and [that] changes that needed to be made were absolutely necessary for the US at the time," adding, "But he was also somebody who was also prepared to use pragmatic means to arrive at his goal. And recruiting his rivals and adversaries to the cause he was pursuing - giving them a good reason to agree with him rather than to stand aside. This is the art and skill of politics."

Lincoln is in cinemas across Europe now. You can see the video below.