Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson admitted to suffering from alcohol addiction in 2006.

Mel Gibson publically admitted in 2006 he had issues with alcohol. The Mad Max actor released a lengthy statement in which he apologised for his previous behaviour which had drawn negative media attention. Gibson had been arrested the same year for a DUI and had had previously been in trouble with the law on the same charges. 

At the time of his arrest in 2006, Gibson was accused (not for the first time) of being anti-Semitic owing to reports which suggested he had used a racial slur aimed at the arresting officer. He apologised in the statement, as CBS reports, and explained "I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested." He continued by admitting he had a long term alcohol addition, stating: "I disgraced myself and my family with my behaviour and for that I am truly sorry. I have battled with the disease of alcoholism for all of my adult life and profoundly regret my horrific relapse."

Gibson was ordered to get help for his alcoholism and has been sober since 2006. He has also been hugely supportive of Robert Downey Jr when he admitted to be struggling from the same problem. 

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