Actor Daniel Radcliffe has been swarmed by fans at this year's Venice Film Festival where he's promoting his upcoming film, Kill Your Darlings. The 24 year-old former Harry Potter star, who has just completed a stint on stage at the Noel Coward theatre, could not have prepared for the red carpet moment where his frenzied fans would smash through the barrier just to be closer to him.

Daniel Radcliffe Venice
A Moment To Breathe At The Venice Film Festival Before Daniel's Mobbed Again.

On Sunday, during the first weekend of the annual film festival, fans who were restrained behind metal barrier decided they wanted a closer look at the Woman in Black star and collectively broke down the barricades, stampeding towards the startled actor according to E!. We're pretty sure none of the charging mob meant Radcliffe any harm, but to save him being planted with hundreds of kisses, police and security guards valiantly swung over to protect Daniel as he entered his film's premiere.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel's Used To Dealing With The Crowd Craze.

However, such feverish fan tactics fail to phase the level-headed star. Daniel admitted during the film's press conference that he takes all the attention in his stride. "Thankfully, it's not always like this," he said as the windows rattled due to the massing crowd outside the building, reports E!. He admitted "I've been dealing with it in various ways since I was 11. I don't take it seriously, actually I think it's funny."

Daniel Radcliffe Cripple Of Inishmaan
Fans Have Embraced Radcliffe's New, Controversial Role.

This wasn't the first time during his visit to the picturesque Italian city that he'd have to deal with the hot pursuit of crazed fans. Yahoo! reports that earlier in the day he'd had to deal with people running in a screaming swarm across the seafront, creating chaos for Daniel who discovered he couldn't even take a leak without fans present, after individuals pushed their way into the bathroom he was in during a press conference break.

Daniel Radcliffe Signing
Considering He Can't Pee In Peace, This Man Is Awfully Level-Headed.

Radcliffe luckily sees the positive side of having such a big network of support, especially when he's branching out his character types now that the boy wizard franchose has wrapped up. In Kill Your Darlings, Daniel plays a young Alan Ginsburg in the John Chokidars film that explores drug use and homosexuality. "I'm incredibly grateful for the swirl of support behind me. My fans seem excited by the unconventional path I am taking," he said.

"I love poetry and it was fantastic to get the part and have the opportunity to dive into Ginsberg's life. The diaries he made when he was young gave me an amazing insight into his character," Radcliffe revealed.