Daniel Radcliffe thinks 'Horns' will be a hit.

The 'Harry Potter' star is proud of being cast in Alexandre Aja's upcoming thriller and believes the unusual script will captivate the audience.

Daniel plays a man accused of murder, who wakes up with a hangover and horns on head in the movie, which is adapted from horror maestro Stephen King's son Joe Hill's novel.

He said: ''I think it has the potential to capture something in people's imaginations. It's a crazy story but its really compelling...

''It's definitely going to be unusual. Its far and away the best script I've read coming out of a big studio in the time that I've been off 'Potter'.''

Despite being below average height, Daniel has managed to land leading roles in blockbusters like 'The Woman in Black' since departing the 'Harry Potter' franchise, which he believes his icon Dustin Hoffman has helped paved the way for.

He said: ''[Dustin's] about my size. I'm not a conventional leading man in terms of being athletically built and big.

''I think that plays into my favour in terms of fitting into weirder, more challenging roles.''