Daniel Radcliffe wants to star in a James Bond film.

The 'Harry Potter' actor is keen to swap is wand for a gun but would rather be a villain in the famous spy movie franchise than take on the role of 007 because he doesn't think he has the body for it like hunk Daniel Craig.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Daniel thinks he would be an excellent villain in the Bond films. He loves the franchise but admires the villains as much as Bond.

''He feels he could appear as a modern bad guy, an evil mastermind who wants to take down MI5.

''He may not have the physique to take on Daniel Craig, but his broody acting can make him a menace.

The source added: ''And like the old Bond films, he hopes the role may be recurring.''

Fans haven't seen a Bond villain return in the movies since the 1960s and 1970s when Blofeld and Jaws came back but Radcliffe hopes his character could secure a more regular spot.

Meanwhile, Radcliffe, 24, will star in his first romantic comedy 'What If' this year, alongside Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver.

It tells the story of a medical student drop-out, played by Radcliffe, who's had bad luck in relationships.

'What If' will hit screens in New York and Los Angeles in America on August 1.