Daniel Radcliffe has had a "crazy few months" as a first-time dad.

The 33-year-old actor welcomed a son with his partner Erin Darke, 38, in April, and has now explained that fatherhood is the "best thing" that has ever happened to him, while revealing that the little one has stopped screaming so much and learned how to smile.

He told US TV show 'Extra': "He’s very cute. We’ve moved into a less screaming phase and he’s now giving us little smiles and giggling. “It’s been a crazy few months, as anyone who’s been through parenthood would attest. But it’s also the literal best thing that’s ever happened, so it’s great. I feel very lucky to be able to have this time with him. It’s awesome."

While the 'Harry Potter' star insisted fatherhood hasn't had an impact on the type of roles he goes for just yet, he does plan to take on fewer projects over the next few years so he can spend more time with his little boy.

Asked if fatherhood has influenced his role choices, he told E! News: “Oh it hasn’t done anything yet, it hasn’t changed anything.

“I’m sure I’m going to, probably for at least a few years become a little more selective just about how much I work, just because I really enjoy spending time with him and I’d like to continue doing that.

"But obviously, I love my job and I’m not going to stop doing that, but yes, I don’t think it’s changed any of that.”

The 'Miracle Workers' actor loves both being a father and watching Erin with their little boy.

He said: "It's a crazy thing, but it's also really beautiful! Watching my girlfriend become a mum is really the most incredible, beautiful thing to be witness to. So, it's great."