Pop star Dannii Minogue broke down in tears on live Tv on Sunday night (29Sep13) as she struggled with her grief following the death of her grandmother.

The Put The Needle On It singer is a judge on Australia's The X Factor and she was visibly moved as she listened to her contestant Dami Im's performance of Simon & Garfunkel's classic Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Wiping away tears after the song ended, Minogue said, "I had the roughest week ever. That was for my parents and my grandfather, that song tonight.

"I've had the toughest time. You (Im) have been my absolute angel and for anyone else out there who ever had a tough time that is the song, you need to connect the energy of the song."

The star then shared the reason for her tears on her Instagram.com page, writing, "Dami's song this week, Bridge Over Troubled Water, was for anyone going through a tough time or anyone who needs to feel a little hope.

"Dami helped me dedicate this performance tonight to my family and my beautiful Grandmother who just recently passed away."