Dannii Minogue ''can't commit'' to being a ''full time'' musician because of parenting.

The 45-year-old singer - who is the younger sister of Kylie Minogue - has returned to the recording studio to work on a new musical project in her hometown of Australia because she ''loves'' performing but she has no plans to sacrifice motherhood for her career.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about her future ventures, the brunette beauty - who has six-year-old son Ethan - said: ''I was in the studio on Sunday recording vocals for a project in Australia. There will always be stuff that I do. I love getting behind a mic.

''I can't commit myself full time like I used to with being the kind of mum I want to be. I don't want to share that responsibility.''

And the 'Let It Shine' judge - who critiqued on the show alongside Gary Barlow and Martin Kemp - would never compete on the 'Eurovision Song Contest' because she doesn't think she could hack the nerves and pressure.

She explained: ''Oh no. I couldn't handle the nerves. Could you imagine? It's frightening. I'll stand at the sides and encourage.''

Meanwhile, Dannii remained tight lipped about the content of the musical titled 'The Band'.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I'm not allowed to say anything. Tim Furthers [the writer] explained the whole musical to me, and it's really good. When he was explaining it to me I was actually laughing and bursting into tears.''