Dannii Minogue suffered body confidence issues when pregnant with her son Ethan.

The 'X Factor Australia' judge's body is ''finally'' back to how it was following the birth of her three-year-old boy - whom she had with ex boyfriend Kris Smith before they split in 2012 .

She told InStyle Australia: ''I'm finally back to my old self and I have a bit more time in the day to actually put on a pair of earrings that aren't going to be ripped out of my ears! I feel like I'm back in my own skin.''

Although the pregnancy took its toll on her body, Dannii wouldn't rule out having more babies in future and admits he son is making her broody with his cute behaviour.

The 41-year-old beauty said Ethan: ''He makes me laugh all the time. They start doing cute things and you think, 'Oh, I'd love to have another one'... I'm definitely clucky.''

Meanwhile, Danni has credited Simon Cowell for teaching her how to be completely honest to the acts on 'The X Factor Australia'.

Dannii - who was previously a judge on the UK version of the talent show and had a fling with Simon - said: ''I don't think I'm mean but I try to be constructive and firm. You've got to have integrity. Contestants enter a show and 10 weeks later they come out like seasoned professionals: you've got to get them from no experience up to that and you're not going to get there by saying everything is brilliant.''