Dannii Minogue has admitted shopping used to make her feel "depressed".

The 49-year-old singer hated going shopping with her friends when she was growing up as she could never find clothes that fit her petite figure, whereas her mates would be able to pick anything off the rail.

She told Woman and Home: "I used to think there was something really wrong with me. My friends could just go shopping and buy something and everything they see in their size would fit and look great, whereas nothing I could see would fit. It would be £50 on alterations and would take another week. So shopping was a depressing experience. My girlfriends would ask, 'Do you want to go shopping? and I’d say, 'No, I’ll meet you for lunch instead.'"

Instead, Dannii found herself often shopping in the kid's section of the store as fashion brands would only carry a few items in her size.

She added: "I remember when plus sizes came in and I’d go I’m not the regular size, I’m not the plus-size and the kid's mannequins don’t make me want to go shopping in the kid's section so you get depressed because I don't see myself there. Each brand might do one thing in petite, so I’d have to look through a whole department store to find 10 things that might fit me or they don't have my size. It’s how it affects your confidence which has always been a big thing for me. "

The 'I Begin To Wonder' hitmaker has just launched her own clothing line which carries a range of sizes to fit a variety of body shapes.

And Kylie Minogue's sister has ensured her items are all tailored perfectly to fit a petite body shape after spending years struggling to find the right clothes for herself.

She said: "As a petite, it’s been a challenge my whole life to get those things that fit properly. Most people think if they’re too long in the leg, you can just hem it. You can, but they rise where the crotch is and where the knees fall - everything is just not in the right spot so it doesn't feel good and it doesn't look amazing."