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Reach Me Trailer

When reclusive former football coach, Teddy Raymond (Tom Berenger) releases a self-help book entitled 'Reach Me' it is picked up by millions of people. Collette (Kyra Sedgwick) is a former inmate who reads the book and uses it to try to start her life anew. Hip hop star E-Ruption (Cornell 'Nelly' Haynes) finds that the book has completely reinvigorated his personal image. Wolfie (Thomas Jane), a gun-slinging policeman uses it to justify his actions in the face of right and wrong. Dominic (David O'Hare) is a career thief who annoys his partner by preaching the book, until deciding that he no longer wants to take part in this life of crime. And then there's Roger (Kevin Connolly) , a journalist who has been tasked with finding the mysterious Teddy Raymond by his editor Gerald (Sylvester Stallone). In the end, it turns out the actions of one man have the power to unite many.

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Video - Danny Aiello Unimpressed With 'Family Guy' Joke

'Do The Right Thing' star Danny Aiello is caught up with by paparazzi as he leaves a Beverly Hills restaurant with a friend. He is seen posing for a photo before chatting to photographers about his new movie 'Reach Me', gluten-free food and 'Family Guy'.

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Danny Aiello and Robert Klein - Danny Aiello and Robert Klein New York City, USA - Opening night after party for the Off-Broadway production of 'The Shoemaker' at the Acorn Theatre. Sunday 24th July 2011

Danny Aiello and Robert Klein

Hudson Hawk Review

The good thing about comedies, as a general rule, is that they're too bland to have really bad plots. The search for laughs seldom strays too far off the beaten path established by the social mores of the target market, be that old ladies, stoners, or teenagers out on dates. There are comedies with solid plots, just rarely comedies with complicated plots.

What they generally aren't is full of capers designed by crackheads in search of comic relief, or a dominatrix dying to destroy the gold market with a Da Vinci alchemy machine only a cat burglar from Hoboken could steal.

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Moonstruck Review

A good romantic comedy should be a balm for the soul. Moonstruck doesn't provide that. It's quaint and amusing and full of good performances. It's the kind of movie you can watch with your grandmother and enjoy. The movie is not without its charms. Too bad it doesn't just whisk you into a world of wonder -- it tries to keep you prisoner.

Moonstruck tells the story of Loretta (Cher, in her Academy Award-winning performance), a thirtysomething Brooklyn widow, who is apparently happy in her humdrum life. She lives with her parents, goes to work, and looks for nothing more. Life becomes too difficult when extremes enter the picture. Her fiancé, Johnny (Danny Aiello), fits her life model to a T, a supremely ordinary man in every way, including romance. Loretta has to practically walk him through his proposal, and she always kisses him first. For Loretta, that's fine. She loved her last husband and that caused her nothing but heartache. "When you love them, they drive you crazy," her mother explains.

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Man On Fire (1987) Review

Fairly awful, this star-studded revenge flick gives us a freaked-out Scott Glenn getting vengeance on the kidnappers who got his charge, a young Italian girl. The film begins with Glenn getting zipped up into a body bag, so we know things aren't going to go all that well. But don't mess with him: He's a man on fire! He'll get his due before he meets his end (or did he -- gasp! -- fake his death?)... and you'll get little more than a dull headache.

Fingers Review

Very Good
Rarely has a crime/gangster movie been produced with such a sense of calmness. Fingers, a cult classic, is a real showpiece for Harvey Keitel, who plays the title of Jimmy Fingers, a low-level gangster working for his father as a bag man but dreaming of becoming -- of all things -- a concert pianist.

Jimmy divides his day among busting caps, piano practice, and auditions for Carnegie Hall. The comparison to Taxi Driver is obvious, but these are far different films (and that said, Taxi Driver is a far better one, too).

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Reach Me Trailer

Reach Me Trailer

When reclusive former football coach, Teddy Raymond (Tom Berenger) releases a self-help book entitled 'Reach...