Rapper Danny Brown has denied he is suffering from mental health issues after a Twitter meltdown last month (Feb14), insisting he was simply letting off steam.

The hip-hop star posted a series of messages on the microblogging to discuss his feelings on suicide, depression, and drug abuse, leaving fans fearing he was at the end of his tether.

However, Brown is adamant he is not cracking under the strain of his punishing schedule, although his explanation risks further controversy by suggesting that suffering from mental health issues is "retarded".

He tells NME magazine, "I don't have any mental health issues! I don't know where that s**t's come from. That's f**ked up. Mental health! I'm not retarded. What the f**k is goin' on? I'm okay in the brain.

"Danny Brown is okay. I'm way happier than I was when I was selling crack or in jail. If I can get through that s**t, I can get through anything else, bruh (sic)... I don't know (why I wrote those tweets). I just do s**t. Sometimes it's not the right thing to do, though...

"You can't make a problem delete itself. I try to run away from s**t but it just builds up and you blow up. That's all (the tweets were)."