Danny Devito wants to return as The Penguin in the DC Multiverse.

The 78-year-old actor played villain The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot in Tim Burton's 'Batman Returns' opposite Michael Keaton as Batman in 1992 and after Keaton reprised his role for 'The Flash' this year, DeVito wants another chance to put on the penguin suit.

He told SFX magazine: "I would definitely consider doing it, yeah. ‘Batman Returns’ was a great part, it was operatic. You could just pull out all the stops. There were so many motivating things, so many things churning up inside of him. Being the odd man out – the odd bird out – brought the character out of me. It was an emotional experience for me because I felt it was an opportunity of a lifetime to play Oswald Cobblepot with Tim’s vision and design. Tim is a genius to me."

Danny also revealed he kept his character's black and white-patterned umbrella from the movie and he stores it in his office.

Speaking to the publication over Zoom, he said: "I have something you’re gonna really like, just stay right where you are. Don’t move. Stay where you are. Now – concentrate on the screen. Ready?"

After the umbrella appeared on the screen, he asked: "Do you know what that is? That is the original Penguin’s umbrella. Ladies and gentlemen, watch his mind be blown…"

He then got into character, adopting Cobblepot's voice to say: "Yeah, it’s here. It’s here! It’s mine! What? You got a problem with that?"

Read the full interview in SFX magazine from Wednesday, July 12.