Actor Danny Dyer was sexually pursued by Boy George after playing a gay man in a London stage show, because the pop star couldn't believe he wasn't really homosexual. The actor admits he flirted with the Karma Chameleon hitmaker, but had to flee an awards ceremony after things got too heated. He says, "He saw the play and he really thought I was gay. He was on my f**king case. I was like, 'Listen man, I think you're the b**locks, but I'm not gay.' He just wouldn't accept it. "He was at an awards ceremony and I s**t my pants. He's a big man, he's an aggressive man. I was standing up against the curtain and he sort of pushed me, and I fell back onto my a**e and I had to go home after that. "I was flirting with him a bit. I was playing with him. I was kissing him on the lips. But he wouldn't accept the fact I wasn't gay."