Danny O'Donoghue thinks social media is like a ''toilet''.

The Script frontman knows he can't please everyone all of the time, and says sites like Twitter encourage people to express ''every little bit'' of their thoughts and opinions.

He said: ''Social media is terrible. It's like a toilet where people have gone in to write every little bit of something about you. No matter what we do as a band, no matter what anybody does as a band, even if you're Coldplay, U2 or even down as far as us you're always open. We appeal to millions of people but in doing that we also don't appeal to another few million people. So you're going to divide opinion.

You're not going to please everyone and they're the ones who seem to be on Twitter and YouTube.''

The 'Man Who Can't Be Moved' singer has learned the best way to be happy is not to worry about what other people think and to shrug off criticism.

He told The Hits Radio: ''It seems the bad news stays with you longer than good news in a way. The only way that you're going to really become happy in life is by stop trying to make everybody happy because you never will''

Danny was talking to The Hits Radio for their 'State of Mind' campaign with charity YoungMinds, to help raise awareness for mental health issues suffered by today's youth. Listen to the show on 30 November at 10pm.