Danny O'Donoghue says writing The Script's new album helped him get over his heartache.

The frontman split from girlfriend Irma Mali in June after four years together and put all his emotions from the split into tracks on group's third LP '#3'.

He said: ''You can always expect The Script to be writing about what's going on in our lives.

''I split up with my long-term girlfriend and that happened to fall in the period where we were writing an album. I'm still single and I tend to fluctuate between being in a relationship, going out of one, being in a relationship, going out of one.''

Danny saw his profile grow after becoming a coach on UK TV talent competition 'The Voice' but he says appearing on the show wasn't a guarantee for the band's future success.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Actually it could have gone really wrong. The Script backed it and I still really believe in the show.

''I know the ratings kind of dropped off towards the end when people had become familiar with the format but I was excited by it. I'm still excited about going in to do the second series later this month.''