When it comes to seeing the World's Greatest Detective on the big screen, the majority of superhero fans would point to Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy - made up of 'Batman Begins', 'The Dark Knight', and 'The Dark Knight Rises' - as the best comic book adaptations the world has ever seen.

Darren Aronofsky once worked on a film titled 'Batman: Year One'Darren Aronofsky once worked on a film titled 'Batman: Year One'

Still, there was a point when 'Black Swan' director Darren Aronofsky may have had his own Batman movie - titled 'Batman: Year One' - go into production. If that had happened, who knows if we'd have ever seen the Nolan series come to fruition?

Eventually, Aronofsky's project was scrapped, which would lead to Nolan taking creative control over the Caped Crusader, and whilst Aronofsky hasn't given too many details in regards to what he would have done with Bruce Wayne, he has opened up a tiny bit about his general direction.

Speaking with The Playlist, the filmmaker explained: "I think Nolan's version is exactly what the studio wanted. I think I was much more of a gritty feel is what we were going for."

It's nice to hear praise for Nolan within Aronofsky's comments. He's clearly not been left bitter about his project going down the tubes, despite obviously putting a lot of effort into turning it into something he thinks the world would have loved.

Nolan's films were said to be some of the grittiest Batman flicks to be released, so to think about how they would have gotten even grittier under Aronofsky is an interesting prospect. Still, it's something we'll just have to imagine, as Aronofsky's time has been and gone.

Now, we see Ben Affleck as the crime-fighting Bat, and we'll even reportedly see a younger Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeve's upcoming 'The Batman'. We never saw Aronofsky's chapter come to life, but we're excited to see what's around the corner both for the director, and for the iconic comic book character.

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Aronofsky's new movie 'White Boy Rick' is set for release a little later this year.