Darren Aronofsky is hoping to make a reboot of 'RoboCop'.

The 'Black Swan' director believes a reimagining of the classic 80s movie starring Peter Weller and Nancy Allen may happen as a script has already been written by 'The Haunting' scribe David Self.

He told Playlist: "Well, 'RoboCop' may still happen one day, who knows?"

"It's MGM and hopefully they'll clear their stuff up and I'm still interested. David Self wrote a great script, but The Company went under."

A total of three 'RoboCop' films were made between 1987 and 1993, with the first making $53.4 million at the box office, while the third made just $10.6 million.

Darren has a number of forthcoming projects following the conclusion of promotions for 'Black Swan', which is thought to be a big contender for Academy Award success.

As well as 'The Wolverine' starring Hugh Jackman next year, he has also been announced to be working on 'Machine Man', which has not yet cast any actors.