The Australian singer admits he does not agree with the decision to raid Michael Jackson's music vaults after his passing in 2009 to put together a slew of posthumous albums, insisting the King of Pop did not release those tracks for a reason.

Hayes felt so strongly about the Jackson posthumous releases, which filled two records, he changed his will to make sure no one will do the same to him after he dies.

He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "I actually changed my will. As an artist who is alive, who saw how Michael Jackson's archives were handled after his death, I told all my family and friends, 'If there's anything I haven't released and I haven't given you my stamp of approval please just assume I didn't want you to see or hear it'. Artists should have the right to decide when something's finished...

"There isn't much in the vaults. It's that feeling of leaving a perfectly arranged dinner table. Daniel (Savage Garden bandmate Daniel Jones) and I feel the same way, the things that people haven't heard I wouldn't really want them to hear. Daniel and I both felt very proud of the legacy because we left it in perfect condition."