American actress Daryl Hannah reveals that she has suffered from a lifelong struggle with autism.

The 52 year old opened up about her struggle with the condition in the new issue of People magazine, reports E!News.

The 80's it girl has said she was diagnosed as a child and suffered from a "debilitating shyness" admitting that in her youth " [she] wasted so much time scared, self-conscious and insecure,".

The reason for Hannah falling off the grid in recent years is finally solved as the actress has purposely avoided the limelight as she tries to cope with her current issues.

At the time of her diagnosis, it wasn't as understood as it is today and doctors recommended that she should be institutionalised as well as medicated. Luckily her mother refused and let the then 17 year old move to Los Angeles and follow her dreams of becoming an actress.

Although she did find success in Hollywood, the 'Kill Bill' star stated "I've never been comfortable being the center of attention. It's always freaked me out". Even after establishing herself as an accomplished actress she still felt "terrified" to tell anyone, especially personnel on the production team.

Now, it is reported that Hannah can manage the symptoms and is focusing her energy on environmental activism. The eco-activist has been arrested in the past as she was handcuffed earlier this year for parting in a protest against the construction of a highly controversial oil pipeline.

Hannah's "shyness" definitely didn't hold her back in this situation as a friend interviewed in People, says that when Hannah "feels passionate about something, she loses all her fears".

daryl hannah
Daryl Hannah opens up about being diagnosed with autism