Actress-turned-environmental activist Daryl Hannah has signed up for a two-week course on sustainable living in Australia.
The Splash star has long been passionate about eco issues and lives in a solar power-fuelled home, where she grows her own food.
And now she's convinced she can do even more to help the planet, and she has enrolled in classes about permaculture in a bid to learn how to emulate the workings of natural ecosystems in her lifestyle.
She explains, "Obviously, we are facing a time of great crises; we are in the middle of probably the biggest extinction in recorded history. We are pretty much at peak oil (use) and we have over-population.
"Permaculture is one of the best tools that I know in terms of understanding our place within that system and still do the things we need to do, like grow food and collect water... (It's) a more sane way of living in harmony with our environment."