Dave Bautista has praised Zack Snyder for how hard he works on set.

The pair recently collaborated on Snyder's 'Army of the Dead' and Bautista says the experience increased his respect for the director.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "When we were actually filming is when I got to take a different look at Zack and really watch his process. He worked not only as a director, but also as a cinematographer. So it was just a whole different level of respect that I gained for Zack while working with him. If we were out there and we were hot, sweaty, dirty, tired and hungry, he was as well. He was always right next to us with his camera. So a lot of the time, you just felt like he was another cast member."

And Dave, 52, revealed they actually hit it off on their very first meeting.

He explained: "I got a real sense of who he was as a person and as a human being. I kind of had an idea of why people respected him as a filmmaker, but you don’t know a person until you actually sit down with them. It wasn’t a meeting that was all stiff like that typical kind of general meeting. It was a meeting where we sat down and just b********** for an hour and a half or two hours. It was at his office on the Warner Bros. lot, which was a half-office, half-gym and kitchen. It was a meeting in paradise. I actually stole the idea from him and made a place like that for myself here. But I clicked with him right off the bat because he was kind of rough around the edges, but also very artistic, which I think I am as well."