Dave Bautista's 'Spectre' character is the ''most badass dude'' James Bond has ever encountered.

The 46-year-old wrestler-turned actor - who stars as Mr. Hinx in the eagerly-awaited new Bond movie - has given an insight into his 'Spectre' role, saying he'll rank among the most dastardly in the history of the franchise.

Speaking during a Twitter Q&A with IMDb, Dave was asked whether Mr. Hinx was inspired by any previous Bond henchmen, to which he replied: ''I didn't actually craft Mr Hinx to Rival others. He is simply the most badass dude Bond has ever come up against. (sic)''

And while Dave was reluctant to reveal specific details of the new movie, he promised 'Spectre' will ''raise the bar'' once again.

Asked how the Sam Mendes-directed 'Spectre' will be distinct from previous movies, he said: ''I think the magic will be not making it different but raising the bar from Bonds past.''

Dave also revealed that having realised his ambition of starring in a Bond movie, he now has his sights set on appearing in another iconic franchise, 'Star Wars'.

Queried about his future career ambitions, he said: ''Be in a freakin Star Wars film!!! Im 0-2 as of right now...

''Eventually they'll stick me in a Stormtrooper suit just to stop me from bugging them! (sic)''