Dave Chappelle is planning one of his most major projects since he left showbiz behind in 2005, as the comic is going on tour with New Zealand's fourth best folk-comedy duo Flight Of The Conchords. This is double good news because it spells the return of Chappelle on a pretty major scale and is also great because it means that Flight of the Conchords are still making wonderful music together even after tasting such glorious solo success.

Funny or Die are organising a 13-stop tour of North America that will feature the two comedy heavy-weights as well as Kristen Schaal, Hannibal Buress and Al Madrigal for the touring Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival. The festival will feature two separate stages, one for the more prominent comedians and another that will feature street performers, vendors, psychics, freaks and all manner of other tasty treats for comedy fans. The touring festival kicks off on 23 August in Austin, Texas (full dates below).

Chappelle abruptly left behind his showbiz past in 2005 during the filming of the third season of Chappelle's Show, when the comic became overwhelmed with the pressures of fame, the success of his show and the $50 million deal he had just signed for the show. The comic has since appeared on two editions of Inside the Actors Studio and appeared live sporadically for the past eight years - usually impromptu shows - and has since been making his gradual return to the comedy circuit.

Full tour dates:

23 August - Austin, TX

24 Aug - Houston, TX

25 Aug - Dallas, TX

30 Aug - Pittsburgh, PA

31 Aug - Tinley Park, IL

6 September - Camden, NJ

7 Sept - Holmdel, NJ

8 Sept - Detroit, MI

13 Sept - Denver, CO

15 Sept - Irvine, CA

20 Sept - Mountain View, CA

22 Sept - Phoenix, AZ

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The FotC boys will be performing live with Dave

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Dave Chappelle doesn't get out as much these days