Rocker Dave Stewart axed his U.K. tour last year (12) because he was mourning the death of his filmmaker friend Tony Scott.

The Eurythmics star was devastated after the Top Gun director took his own life by jumping from a bridge in Los Angeles on 19 August (12), so he called off a much-anticipated trek in his native Britain.

Stewart had planned to make a stop in his hometown of Sunderland, England to play his first gig there in 44 years, but he was too upset about his pal's passing to perform.

He explains, "I was preparing to go on tour when he committed suicide. I had just been on holiday with Tony and his family. It was a huge shock.

"I hadn't performed in England for a long time and then this happened. I just said, 'We should pull out.'"

Stewart is hoping to reschedule the solo shows for later this year (13).