Rocker Dave Stewart had no idea his former Eurythmics bandmate Annie Lennox wed last year (12) because he did not receive an invite to the nuptials.

The musician admits he has lost almost all contact with his former lover since their last band reunion in 2005, but he still would have liked to attend her London nuptials to South African gynaecologist Dr. Mitch Besser.

He tells Britain's The Independent, "It's weird isn't it? People always still think of us as a couple and yet we barely ever talk now.

"I don't even know where the wedding was. I live here (in Los Angeles) with four children and Annie lives between South Africa and London. I'll have to ask her: 'Why not? Why wasn't I invited? Why wasn't I there?' I certainly would have gone if she'd asked me."

Stewart and Lennox were romantically involved before they broke into the charts with their 1983 hit Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).