David Bailey was more of a ''bad boy'' than Sir Mick Jagger.

The celebrated photographer is good friends with the Rolling Stones singer, but David wasn't impressed with the groupies who hung around backstage during the height of the band's fame and thinks he got attention from prettier women himself.

He told GQ magazine: ''Back then I was more of a bad boy than Mick. At first, photographers always got much better girls than rock 'n' rollers. I didn't like Mick's women because they were mainly groupies.

''I used to hate going backstage. I used to do it with Mick because I was with him a lot, but the last thing they want is a load of sycophants.''

The 76-year-old photographer said the band just wanted to relax after a show, have a shower and and ''maybe have a joint'' but they were often surrounded by fans.

He continued: ''Can you imagine what it's like? It's such a high and then, boom! It comes to an end. I've got one picture of Mick backstage - because he wouldn't usually let people take pictures backstage - and he's completely shattered and sweating after a concert. It's a great picture.''

Mick, now 70, even lived with David for a short time after the flat he lived in with bandmate Keith Richards was broken into.

David added: ''I think he was impressed by the fact I had three bathrooms!''