It was an idyllic family night out as the Beckhams joined the Cruise clan at an L.A. Kings game last night. Tom Cruise was joined by his son Connor, while the Beckhams were out in full force – David, alongside Victoria and their brood - Romeo, Cruz, Brooklyn and even adorable little Harper Beckham, clearly enjoying the game from her father’s lap. The Beckhams and the Cruises – two of the most talked about families in the business, have been palling around ever since Victoria and David’s hyped up relocation to the US of A a few years back. Unfortunately, even after all of David’s hard work, football or, as those silly Yanks insist on calling it, soccer, never quite managed to catch on in the States, but hey, at least the family is managing alright in their social life.

Before the night ended, David even got caught on Kiss Cam and gave the ever excitable Harper a peck on the cheek, while she stared at the Jumbo screen in fascination. Yes, it was probably the most endearing moment the Beckhams have had in public. And, now that we know the Beckhams are Kings supporters, you can keep an eye out for the clan in Kiss Cams throughout the season. It was definitely an “aww” worthy moment.

David Beckham, School RunTom Cruise, Oblivion Premiere
Ever the family men, Cruise and Becks hit up the game alongside their loved ones.