At just 15, Brooklyn Beckham has landed his very first magazine cover for ‘Man About Town’ as well as a 20 page editorial spread. The eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham has lived his life in the spotlight so far, thanks to his famous parents, but now he just might be on the path to becoming a star in his own right. The question is whose footsteps will he follow in?

Brooklyn Beckham and mother VictoriaBrooklyn Beckham strikes a pose with mother Victoria

When Brooklyn Beckham came into the world in 1999 things were a little different, his mother was still a Spice Girl and his father played for Manchester United. The pop star and footballer pairing proved a winning combination with the media and soon David and Victoria morphed into the Beckham’s, Britain’s most famous celebrity couple. In 2002, Brooklyn’s little brother Romeo was born, followed by Cruz three years later. Then in 2011 the three Beckham boys were joined by a little sister, Harper.

It was actually 11 year old Romeo who beat Brooklyn to becoming the first Beckham mini model when he starred in Burberry’s December 2012 campaign. Brooklyn’s cover star debut though might just put him one better than his brother as gets  pictured in a range of designer labels including Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent and Supreme, throughout the 20 page spread. The article had been described as ‘a 20-page fashion story celebrating teenage style, which shows a warm and honest insight into the moment men begin to express themselves through clothes.’ Which sounds pretty fitting for young Brooklyn, who, with Posh and Becks as parents, was probably taught about designer clothes and how to wear them from a very young age. Photographing Brooklyn for his big moment is ‘friend of the family’ Alasdair McLellan, who shot Victoria for UK Vogue and David for the smugly titled, Fantastic Man magazine.

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Despite the fashion interest, Brooklyn has been reported to be more likely to follow in his father’s footsteps than mother Victoria’s. Last October he was spotted training on the same ground where his father began his football career at Manchester United. However sources were quick to say Brooklyn was not trying out for the team. He has also reportedly had trials with London club, Chelsea, and is now training at Queens Park Rangers' football academy. All this whilst juggling being at school in London.

Brooklyn Beckham and father DavidA young Brooklyn with his father David

Footballer or model? Who knows what path Brooklyn will eventually chose, but with David and Victoria has parents he’s sure likely to be able to go down either path with ease. It’s certainly not surprising that he’s landed a magazine cover already, especially since little brother Romeo’s already done his first fashion campaign and the Beckham's are of course nearly British royalty. But for now fifteen year old Brooklyn is still very much a teenager and probably has some homework to get on with whilst he chooses between a footballing or modelling career. If only we were all so spoilt for choice as teens.

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