Even in an age where everyone and their mothers have a tattoo somewhere, it's still seen as pretty wild to get your actual head tattooed. Sure, little designs behind the ear are super popular, and indeed at the nape of the neck, but David Beckham has managed to make headlines by getting the solar system inked on his temple.

David Beckham at MLS Miami eventDavid Beckham at MLS Miami event

So who else has made the brave decision to get a head tat?

1. Benji Madden - The Good Charlotte singer has damn near his entire body tattooed, so his decision to get a skull and geometric pattern inked from his widow's peak to to his neck wasn't hugely surprising. Still, you wouldn't know if until he takes his hat off.

2. Chris Brown - In honour of his star sign and its ruling planet, the singer covered the back of his head with Taurus the Bull and Venus de Milo images. Of course, he's also got Sub-Zero from Mortal Combat on the side of his head so that sort of ruins the mystic theme.

3. Travis Barker - Blink-182's drummer is another to have his entire body and head tattooed, with the exception being his face. As part of the design he has the words 'One Life One Chance' on the back of his head, and the Virgin Mary on his crown. He also has a cross and Jesus on his back.

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4. Kelly Osbourne - On the shaved sides of her head, she has the word 'Solidarity' in honour of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting victims, and the word 'Stories' for her fashion line of the same name. That's certainly what you'd call committment - though of course they'd be easily hidden if she just grew her hair out.

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