David Beckham hasn't let retirement ruin his healthy lifestyle, but since his professional soccer days are a thing of the past, the 39-year-old sportsman has had to discover a different way of staying in shape.

David Beckham
Beckham has become "obsessed" with SoulCycle

Beckham recently admitted he has managed to keep his toned physique after becoming a regular attendee at SoulCycle spinning studios, a workout which he has become "obsessed" with.

"I'm at SoulCycle a lot," he told E!News. "Yup, I'm very obsessed. It's a workout that I love. It's a workout I enjoy and to be honest since I finished playing there aren't too many workouts that I do enjoy. So when you find one, you stick with it."

The former England soccer captain also revealed that his motivation to stay in shape comes from his and wife Victoria Beckham's four children, Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 12, Cruz, 9, and their three-year-old daughter, Harper.

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"I don't feel pressure to stay in shape," he explained. "I've never felt that kind of pressure because I stay in shape because of my children. They help me stay in shape, having four kids running around after them. That helps. But I've never felt the pressure. I just enjoy feeling fit."

He added, "I think it's so important for people to understand that working out is not just about having a great body. Working out is about feeling good within yourself and being healthy."

As well as staying healthy, Beckham is also busy getting involved with several different business ventures, including his ongoing work in fashion and modelling, as well as his hopes of bringing Major League Soccer franchise to Miami. But creating such a successful Beckman brand was never the former Manchester United player's intentions.

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"All I ever I wanted to be was a football player, a soccer player. That's all I ever wanted to be. I wasn't interested in fame [and] money. I'm still not," he said. "But to have won what I've won, played for my country, the amount of times I've played for my country and captained my country, to have moved to America and to be successful in America, it doesn't get much better than that."